Ebates Reviews

Ebates Reviews

If you have struggled to understand what Ebates has been doing in the market, then you are in right site.

Ebates is an online platform that customers can shop online for every kind of goods. Ebates simply directs you to all other famous shopping sites such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Best Buy and much more through an affiliate link to these sites. It is one of the oldest sites but it is not a portal by itself.

Ebates gives cash back to customers when they shop online as it gets a commission for directing you to the shopping portals discussed above. Ebates gets it share and more importantly shares it with you whereas the shopping company also gets their share. So at the end everyone benefits. Ebates offers a wide range of choices to choose from since it has collaborated with many companies. It is simple to join for free and new members get a $10 sign up bonus which is a good offer.


First, you need to have an email address for you to sign up and it must the same as that you used to register for PayPal account since you also need to create one for PayPal if you do not have it for withdrawal of money.Once you sign up you will get a bonus that matures when you make purchases of $25 and more.After creating your account, log in to your account and there you will find many places for you to shop.

For more, kindly click ‘all stores’ and explore the many shopping options available. There are two ways of shopping: clicking the link directly or using Ebates cash back installed on your browser.Your shopping points are immediately earned after completing your purchase.


Ebates allows four payouts per each year. You can get your money by a check mailed to you directly or the money is credited to your PayPal account. Checks provide high security and are highly recommended. Note that Ebates pays for all of the fees that apply to transaction, mailing and more.You can also earn by referring friends which are pretty cheque, $50 for referring two friends and $5 for any other referral.


  1. In Ebates you share the commission earned by them each time you shop.
  2. Customers are given chance to get money that they could not get anywhere else.
    Instructions are clearly given in the list of stores where the cash back is stated in the instructions. The amount is clearly stated when a customer clicks the link to the shopping company that they want to use.
  3. Ebates has been resolving customer complaints amicably since its inception and this is evident when you visit the Better Business Bureau and reviews from online platforms.Many customers complain about delayed payouts but Ebates handles these cases with ease.


  1. Ebates has collaborated with many online shopping companies but there are only a few categories for which the customer get a cash back. For instance, Amazon does not offer this cash back to certain commodities such as books which mean sometimes it is not guaranteed that the customer gets cash back.
  2. It is a clear evidence from online reviews that payouts which are given four times a year are missed which is a liability considering the long period of payouts.


Ebates is a good shopping platform that offers customers a chance to get some cash back once they purchase. Although it may inconvenience you in the missed payout issues it is still one of the best to use since it consumes less time and it gives clear instructions on its use.It’s very legitimate way of earning something back after your purchases.