WordPress Review

WordPress Review

Creating a blog nowadays is like child’s play. If you have decided to put up a site ten years ago, you would need to battle with HTML and other mind boggling code stuff to make it a decent site. This is not the case anymore with the entry of WordPress in the online community specially in the ‘blogosphere’. If the thought of creating your own blog is paralyzing you due to your lack of technical know-how, do check out this WordPress review first.

Why WordPress Rocks! Here are the top reasons why WordPress is the best open source content management system (CMS) around.

a) User-friendly Starting from the manual installation process, WordPress only needs five minutes to be up and running. If you already have a domain name and a web hosting account, the installation becomes even faster because of the 1-click WordPress installer provided by your web hosting account in the cPanel. Navigating around the WordPress administrator interface is relatively easy even for a beginner because the menus are laid out clearly. Anything to do with editing a page can be accessed in ‘Pages’ section while the ‘Posts’ section is where you create and edit your article or blog post. Incorporating images and video files in your post simply requires a drop-and-drop method. If you already have a topic in mind, you can have your first post up in no time.

b) Free to use Given that the source code that runs WordPress is open source, you do not have to pay a licensing fee to download the latest version and install it on a domain. This is the biggest attraction of WordPress to new bloggers who do not have enough funds yet to support their online presence. Another upside of WordPress having an open source code is that you can further modify the code to customize it to your own requirements.

c) Highly Flexible When it comes to flexibility, WordPress win hands down. If you wish to introduce some cool features in your blog, there is a chance that it is already available in a free plugin. The only thing that you need to do is to search for the name of that plugin from your WordPress administrator interface and install it. WordPress has a dynamic community of contributors who are sharing thousands of free plugins or add-ons to enhance the experience of WordPress users. If you do not like the default WordPress theme, no need to stress out. You can choose another theme that excites you most or opt to install an external theme or blog template recommended by a friend. WordPress being a flexible and adaptable platform significantly cuts down the cost of hiring your own web designer/developer and allows you to enjoy a professionally looking blog that engages your visitors. Isn’t it cool? WordPress has successfully edged out its competitors, Drupla and Joomla, in the CMS arena. Most of the popular personal blogs in the online community are in fact built on WordPress. It did not take that long for businesses to catch up and take advantage of the ease of use of WordPress to strengthen a brand online.